The new 2022 Ford Maverick pickup, coming to Peach State Ford in Cedartown, GA, will be challenging conventional wisdom about what to expect in a pickup truck. While pickups keep getting bigger, heftier, and in many cases, keep putting big numbers on price stickers, this truck heads in the opposite direction. The new Maverick will be Ford's smallest truck and its least expensive U.S. vehicle.

The body of the newest truck from the Blue Oval will be more like that of a compact SUV than the massive bodies on most current pickups. Just when the world gets renewed interest in gas mileage, Ford is introducing a small pickup that can do light hauling while also giving you outstanding fuel economy in the city and on the highway.

The physique of a lightweight with the heart of a heavyweight

For people in Dallas and Rockmart GA who long for basic pickup capability but who don't long for all that sticker shock, the new Ford Maverick is a promising new development. Of course, Ford's smallest truck will still have the heart and soul of a Ford. Even better, it has the lineage of the Ford F-150, the job-site hero that's become the best-selling vehicle in the world. Ford quality is just part of the family.

Could the new Ford Maverick be your family's first pickup?

Many people who don't need a major league pickup like the Ford F-150 for work have wished they could find a reliable compact truck with a bed big enough to pack some cargo around. Other people who don't need a truck Monday through Friday would love to have one available on the weekend. So for a lot of folks around Temple and Bremen, GA, this new Ford upstart could be just what they're looking for.

Thinking about the pickup in a whole new way

If your household vehicles run to SUVs and sedans, you may not have considered yourself a candidate for a pickup, even though you may have sometimes wished you had one. For example, have you ever wanted to run to the hardware store to grab a lot of landscape materials, like heavy decorative rocks or a whole lot of topsoil, but had no way to haul it all? You do now.

A full hybrid powertrain: The only truck of its kind in the country

There's only one full hybrid truck and this is it. What does that mean in terms of fuel economy? The EPA estimates this new pickup will get a combined equivalent 40 miles per gallon in the city. How many pickups can give you that? Yet its maximum towing capacity is 4,000 pounds and it carries 1,500 pounds of payload. The bed is 4.5 feet long, big enough to haul a lot of stuff you couldn't haul before.

Versatile enough to deliver practical features and advanced technology

The Ford Maverick is a four-door truck that seats five and maneuvers easily in the city. It's also a vehicle that can get you as far from city life as possible. Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration come standard and an audio system with eight speakers is available. Contact us at Peach State Ford and we'll keep you informed about the arrival of what might be your ticket to the world of Ford pickups.

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